Netflix’s The Push, Derren Brown’s Expose on Human Groupthink

It’s Friday, so I know you’re in need of some Netflix viewing materials. Derren Brown’s The Push made me cringe, forced me to laugh uncomfortably, terrified me, and left me a little sad.

I can’t recommend it enough.

I hesitated to pull the trigger on watching this one because Netflix and IMDB reviewers labeled Derren Brown as an exploitative manipulator. He has a past in British TV doing these sorts of social experiments, so he’s known.

He certainly is manipulative. The people in the film are lab rats in the incredible illusion he’s created. But willing ones.

Having watched The Push, I can’t help but think that the people who dislike him do so because he forces us hoomans to ask ourselves some cringe-inducing questions about our nature and behavior. That’s exactly what The Push will make you do.

This is riveting stuff from Netflix, folks.