Solomon Kane: A Dark Fantasy Thrill Ride Rooted In The Golden Age of Pulp Fiction

Solomon Kane is now available on Netflix in the US.

If you didn’t know who Solomon Kane was before now (like me), here’s a pitch:

A master swordsman/warship captain who’s soul has been damned to hell by the Devil’s Reaper, must prevent his soul being dragged to hell by battling witches and demons, and stumbles into the role of Puritan warrior, saving 17th century England from the upper demon Malachi’s hell minions!

How did we miss this one!?

I’m working on a short story about a nun who wants to summon an archangel warrior in order to usher in a period of apocalyptic judgement on unrighteous Americans. Like right now. So this 2009 film directed by Michael J. Basset was right up my alley.

But I’ve always been a fan of the dark fantasy/horror sub-genre of Christians doing battle with demonic evil.

The coolest part is that Solomon Kane’s literary oeuvre dates back to 1928, when Robert E. Howard, who also created the character Conan The Barbarian, penned him into existence, publishing most of the tales in the mythical pulp-era magazine Weird Tales.

The cover from Robert E. Howard's first Solomon Kane story in Weird Tales.

The cover from Robert E. Howard’s first Solomon Kane story in Weird Tales.

Other writers heap praise on the author of heroic fantasy: Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Michael Moorcock among them. Horror legend Ramsey Campbell has even finished some of the story fragments of Solomon Kane’s world left by Howard.

If you want to look into Solomon Kane, I’d recommend the film that’s now up on Netflix.

Or you can also find the collected stories here.