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T.S. Junior’s short story collection, “Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor,” one day away!

Behold the beauty of the first three pages of my beautifully and crisply formatted short story collection. I’m thrilled to announce that the manuscript is under review right now by the folks at Kindle Direct Publishing, and should be available tomorrow or Thursday for $1.99! You’ll be able to enjoy these ten stories on your phone, a tablet, a Kindle, or on the Kindle Cloud Reader!

My hope is that you enjoy it enough to leave me an Amazon review, as that would help me out a lot. I think if you did that and signed up for my email list–which you can find by clicking that cog-looking button above–there’s going to a free copy of my short novel, “The Missing Daughters” that’s coming soon in store for you.

Cover Art for T.S. Junior’s “Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor”


Here’s a first look at the cover art for T.S. Junior’s short story collection, Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor.


My apologies for the low image quality here and the sun glare. I was on the go, working out in the sun. But pretty cool, right? This image captures one of the central themes in Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor‘s ten stories; the characters walk the line, which I call the “tightrope” up top, so to speak, trying to exercise self-control and lead normal lives and failing miserably.

If you can relate to that–as I can–you’ll like these stories.

I hope your as excited for next week’s book launch as I am.

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T.S. Junior signing on, short story collection, “Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor” coming next week

You are going to love my first book, a short story collection called, “Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor: Short Stories.”

Here’s a first look at the description:

These ten stories from emerging writer of dark and suspenseful fiction, T.S. Junior depict alienated men and women walking the tightrope between bearable sanity and utter oblivion. In “Son of a Ruined Patriot,” a son recounts the nightmarish experience of being kidnapped by his Iraq and Afghanistan veteran father, a man lethally obsessed with conspiracy theories, and held in a bunker.  A character in the two part story, “The Women in Grenada,” struggles with a love he took for granted as a young serviceman; years later, he makes money as an underground boxer, embracing brutality to afford his mother’s medical bill while he tries to find the love he lost.

Other stories chronicle a rundown woman who has the time of her life pushing a stranger off a ledge (“The Well-Balanced Flamingo Motel”), a pair of ex-military men who stumble across a wicked biological experiment being conducted in a post-Apocalyptic Boston (“The Greenies”), a working class father from Florida feeling helpless as he’s faced with a broken leg and the impending homelessness of his family mid-2008 Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis (“The Character They’ll Have”), and a husband who plays a prank on his suicidal wife in the early days following the outbreak of WWIII (“Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor”).

The emotional cores of these stories resonate in the current moment because we all sense that life as we know it has become fragile enough to shatter, and as a result, American paranoia and gloom has replaced blind optimism about the future as the new normal. Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor is equal parts dire warning and pressure release.

I’m excited to share ten diverse stories with you. This is over four years of work collected here, in what’s hopefully going to be the first book you read to usher in Autumn. In fact, I think these dark stories are best read as the heat and sun fade to cold nights and naked trees.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’m thinking about doing a limited print edition of the eBook, for My First Fans, who download the book next week when it is free and write a review!

Thanks in advance! The cover art for T.S. Junior’s Some Poor Taste Wartime Humor will be in my next post!

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