Solomon Kane: A Dark Fantasy Thrill Ride Rooted In The Golden Age of Pulp Fiction

Solomon Kane’s literary oeuvre dates back to 1928, when Robert E. Howard, who also created the character Conan The Barbarian, penned him into existence, publishing most of the tales in the mythical pulp-era magazine Weird Tales.

Candyman Can-Wild Clive Barker Adaptation

I remembered this outstanding urban horror/fantasy flick today. If you didn’t know, it’s based on the horror god Clive Barker’s short story, “The Forbidden.” Director and screenwriter Bernard Rose adapted the story’s setting from England to Chicago, with production oversight from Barker. Throwback to ’92. Have you seen it?

CERN Does Not Think The Universe Should Exist–Let Me Illustrate Why You Don’t Want Them Poking The Existential Bear

I think we have a right to understand CERN’s real motivations before they quite literally tear at the fabric of the universe. Your thoughts?