Parker Steven Jackson, Nightmare Fuel Artist

Parker Steven Jackson is one hell of a horror artist. I love this drawing because the creature in it is so archetypal–the unconscious thing that stalks our nightmares. A mish-mash of demon, ghoul, and general nightmare shtuff that the collective unconscious regurgitates while we sleep. Parker Steven Jackson also gives the creature character. Doesn’t he? […]

Netflix’s The Push, Derren Brown’s Expose on Human Groupthink

It’s Friday, so I know you’re in need of some Netflix viewing materials. Derren Brown’s The Push made me cringe, forced me to laugh uncomfortably, terrified me, and left me a little sad. I can’t recommend it enough. I hesitated to pull the trigger on watching this one because Netflix and IMDB reviewers labeled Derren Brown as […]

Spring Reading 2018: 7 Must-Read Horror Releases To Scare Those Winter Cobwebs Away

Spring is coming. The sun already lingers in the sky. Its warmth shines on our pale winter flesh. But as fans of horror literature, there’s no reason to totally say farewell to the cold darkness. Luckily, publishers in the horror genre have some excellent new chills to serve up for Spring 2018, from a diverse […]