Tech Giant Kindred Should Scare You Silly

Best case scenario, they automate human labor out of existence; worst case scenario, they get us all killed.

Kindred, a rising tech giant, explicitly states that its mission is to create artificially intelligent robots who can perform every single human job better than the most intelligent and able humans can.

The founder Geordie Rose said as much to a crowd of coders recently.

In the bizarre video below, you can see the bizarre presentation for yourself. Rose states that with Kindred leading the charge, their mission will be achieved in as little as thirty years, if not sooner.

Then he compares the brave new world he’s designing to the Elder Ones in the H.P. Lovecraft mythos as well as an alien invasion.

In fact, he states that this future is inevitable for the human race. To paraphrase him, “Imagine a super intelligent alien race has called the president of the United States, and told him, ‘We’re coming in fifty years. On July 4th, 2030, we’re parking on the lawn of the White House. Deal with it.’

“Humanity would spend all of their time preparing for this moment,'” he concludes.

He says that these human-replacing robots will be look upon us with Lovecraftian cosmic indifference.

They won’t care about us.

They’ll view us as humans view ants.

Then, to paraphrase the horrifying man once more, he adds, “‘We must do everything in our power to make sure that we carry out this transition for humanity correctly, or we all die.'”

Please do not take my word for it! In fact, I beg you to just watch this twenty minute video so you understand what’s happening. Whether you like it or not.

Scared silly?

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