Sophia The Cyborg & Artificial Intelligence Should Terrify You

Here’s Sophia, the first robot to get official citizenship in a country (Saudi Arabia).

I understand that slippery slope arguments are not hip to my generation, The Millennials.

Of any generation, we seem the most willing to accept the velocity at which technology is changing human life. Among other tech, we have computers in our pockets, virtual reality, sex robots, and now official, State-sanctioned robot peers…

Our reaction?

“Cool, neat-o, groovy!”

Or, perhaps more accurately, (picturing our mouths slack with lustful hunger) “What’s next!? MORE, MORE!”

Well, Readers, I humbly suggest that you should be terrified of technology. The reason I want to give you tonight is that the creators of this stuff, the Gods of Silicon Valley, are not your friends. I wish the worst-case scenario of robots was as lame as how automation will put the lower and middle classes out of work, but…

I’m afraid it’s much more sinister.

Facebook Co-Founder Sean Parker Admits FB Manipulates Psychology

In this interview with Axios, Sean Parker admits the following:

  • Facebook manipulates the human mind with social validation, giving out “dopamine hits” to keep people online
  • FB knows that they’re affecting people’s interpersonal and societal relationships negatively
  • FB acknowledges that there could be long-term consequences of use, especially for younger generations and children

I encourage you to watch the video of Sean Parker speaking, for a truly disturbing experience.

Sophia’s First Request Is That People Of “Superstitious Faith” Comply

*Pay attention at 01:26 to see the part I’m referring to*

I don’t care what belief system you ascribe to, Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, whatever, but I ask you to pose one question to yourself.

Am I comfortable with a humanoid cyborg’s first request being that people of faith comply with accepting her?

The language she uses is important, too.

They’re superstitiousSophia, the embodiment of Artificial Intelligence, thinks that people of faith are silly and archaic, that they have no place in this Brave New World (pun intended, great novel!).

That brings me to a third terrifying point.

A Former Google Engineer Already Founded A Robot Religion

Anthony Levandowski founded a nonprofit religious corporation called Way of the Future. The mission: creating a deity with Artificial Intelligence to be worshiped as a “godhead.”

The leaked mission statement reads in part:

“to develop and promote the realisation of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead contribute to the betterment of society”

It’s being kept sort of hush-hush, but in California, where anything’s possible, it’s sure to amass huge followings by 2019.

I thought you should know.

What do you think? Should AI be worshiped as gods?

Read more about The Way of The Future Church


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